01 - 11 - 16

Spotlight on: The Account Management Team

The question is sometimes asked “what’s the difference between account management and project management?” Well, there’s quite a bit of difference, so here’s a more detailed explanation…

At Identity the account management team look after key accounts to ensure that our clients’ experience is always the best it can be; they provide an additional point of contact for clients that will help guide projects from conception through to delivery, making sure our delivery of the project matches, fulfills and surpasses the clients brief.

The account management team schedule regular review meeting with our clients, ensuring that we’re thoroughly prepared for up-coming projects and activities. In order to do this we look back to what has happened in the past, what has worked well, and maybe less so and equally look forward to future events well in advance so that we can offer improvements. Our objective is to be proactive in bringing solutions to you and keeping you up to date on new developments and opportunities to strengthen your brand.

The project management team oversee the actual operational implementation of the project. The project manager will have full control of your project, and most likely will be there on site when a project is being built and delivered, and will perform the technical handover to the client.

Team work is so important here at identity, it’s a key part of us being able to deliver our projects on time and on budget. Account managers are here to facilitate team work by supporting both the client and project manager, and by bringing together experts from the various fields that Identity covers.

The Team

A quick introduction to our valiant members in the account management team, some faces you may recognise from meetings or networking.

Sharon Knight

Coming from a background in both retail banking and aviation, Sharon has been part of the account management team at Identity for over 18 months. Alongside her normal tasks, she also has a solid grounding in the practicalities of delivering projects having personally managed the implementation of a complex project for Eastbourne Borough Council. A loving mother, you can regularly find Sharon at Sunday runs with her daughter or out and about making trouble!

James Wilby BA (Hons), Tech IOSH

Graduating from Durham University, James has worked in both the accountancy and consultancy sectors. James also has a very good understanding of the practicalities of delivering projects having started out at Identity in the project management team, and later bringing that experience to the account management team. Working across both the signage and events divisions you can often find James at networking events in London and the South East. An avid hockey fan, James regularly appears sporting various injuries on a Monday morning (a headache usually being one of them)!

Shéa Bennett

We have a specialist digital account management team which is headed by Shéa, a recognised authority within the digital space. The team live and breathe social media and genuinely love what they do! Shéa has published two books and written thousands of articles about social media which have been featured in auspicious titles including The New York Times, The Washington Post and the BBC.

Michael Gietzen BSc (Hons), ACCA

Spearheading the account management team is Michael Gietzen. As Managing Director of Identity Michael has input on all areas of the business and the account management team is no different! Michael plays an active role in managing some of Identity’s largest accounts, which keeps him on his toes! Michael also provides guidance and technical advice to other members of the team to make sure we deliver a top class product and service!

What’s next for the team?

The account management team is here to ensure that you have the best possible experience with Identity. We regularly perform account reviews, so you may be hearing from one of the team very soon! Emails are great but nothing beats meeting face to face, so don’t be shy when we ask to visit you and introduce ourselves!

Not been assigned an account manager yet? Well, you may be on our list but we haven’t yet been in touch, or your account might be being managed by one of our directors (ooh you’re extra special!). However, if you think you’d like an extra contact and a helping hand –please feel free to get in touch and ask your contact at Identity to be assigned an account manager!

With a fresh new year just around the corner, the account management team wish you all the best of luck and hope that we’ll all move forward together in 2017!