13 - 01 - 16

Identity’s Guide To Organising An Event: 10 Things You Won’t Want To Forget

Exhibiting at a trade show has many benefits for your business. It gives you a great platform for meeting new customers, helps maintain existing client relationships and allows you to develop and strengthen your brand.

There is a lot of planning required so Identity have come up with the 10 most important considerations when organising an event – from budgeting and publicity to event branding – to help you out.

1. Planning & Setting Objectives

  • Put together a plan of action and think about keys dates. Allow yourself enough time to get all the elements to come together rather than rushing at the last minute
  • Think about your reason for exhibiting – is it to demonstrate brand awareness? Are you launching a product? What you want from the show will affect your decision on how to exhibit
  • Staff – Think about your team
  • Sale tactics – Establish key sales goals before the event
  • Fix a budget