Dubai World Trade Centre


For the third year running, Altro have attended Arab Health, at the Dubai World Trade Centre, each time changing their location within the hall to allow for further footfall on their stand. This year saw Altro take a 6m x 4m stand space – 3 sides open at the end of an aisle.

Dubai World Trade Centre

The Requirements

Constructing a stand to 4m high allowed an opportunity for branding to see seen from afar within the hall. Using a recurring design style through their commercial stand builds, this stand was adapted to suit the design requirements stated by Altro.

Wanting to showcase their product on the stand, Altro used different types of their flooring on the stand which also demonstrated their kitting cutting equipment. Their product was also housed on the ramp display situated to the front left of the stand which demonstrated the slip resistance of their flooring by having recirculating water flow down the product with a set of shoes on. On the walls, a mixture for their PVC wall cladding, Whiterock and printed wall cladding, Digiclad were then used.

Design / Build

Due to the amount of literature and giveaways which required storage, we opted for 2 store areas; one to house this and one as a staff area with a coffee machine and consumables within. Built into the front of the literature store, we then created a demonstration area with a wheeled unit to store all elements required during the demos provided.

The Main Store

To the front of the main store, there was a 40” touchscreen which was used to display their space visualiser. This service shows a mocked-up room on which you can change the colour on the walls and floor to suit your client’s requirements so they get a better view of what to expect when buying the product. A desk and informal meeting area were then added onto the stand for meet and greets and lead taking.


When handing the stand over to Altro over in Dubai, we had an incredibly pleased client who stated that it was the best stand they have had out there yet.

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