BETT Show London Excel 2017

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki, a subsidiary of Cisco Systems, is a cloud managed IT company with headquarters in San Francisco California who provide solutions including wireless, switching, security, enterprise mobility management, communications and security cameras, all of which are controlled and managed centrally through the internet.

Identity were approached by Cisco Meraki in London to provide exhibition services for them at one of the world’s leading educational technology events, the BETT show at London Excel. Attended by over 34,000 visitors across 138 different countries it was the ideal location for Cisco Meraki to display their offering for 2017.

BETT Show London Excel 2017

The Requirements

With an island stand space of 9m x 6m, Cisco had several requirements in terms of the stand design and layout. They wanted to produce a stand with a simple but striking design, clean lines and quality materials, high-level branding and room to showcase their products. An area to carry out demonstrations using their products and a display screen with up to date content and information. Cisco Meraki’s branding and messaging are always based on the less is more ethos and the Identity designers looked to the client’s brand guidelines for inspiration as well as images of their main offices in San Francisco for details on finishes and designs.

BETT Show London Excel 2017

Design / Build

The stand design that was produced, split the space into these three separate areas of product showcase, product demonstrations and the Meraki Lab as well as incorporating a feature archway to be able to install their security cameras in a real world scenario.

For the product showcase, an L-shaped display plinth was produced and behind this - a large format printed fabric lightbox wall was installed for the simple but incredibly effective graphic that was visible from quite a distance. At 4m tall and 3.5m wide, it was a definite talking point throughout the show and there was certainly no chance of missing the stand when walking around the hall.

BETT Show London Excel 2017

The Demonstration area

The demonstration area consisted of 4 x lockable plinths for iMacs which were connected directly to Cisco security cameras mounted to the underside of the archway through a data switch hidden in the storage area. Over 100 m of data and power cabling was hidden from view underneath the raised flooring.

For the Meraki Lab, a bar style bench was produced with stool seating for visitors, a 75’’ display screen for content and a wall mounted speaker system and headset microphone for a Cisco representative to address large groups of visitors that came during their key presentations.

BETT Show London Excel 2017


High-level branding was achieved using a double sided tensile fabric banner system framework hung from the venue rigging points. Rental of the framework came direct from Identity along with the production of custom fit panels. They were simple and effective, a running theme for the stand.

Materials used for the stand included concrete effect vinyl flooring, high-quality white laminate and brushed aluminium laminates for the iMac plinths. Backlit tensile fabric print for the lightbox wall and block out fabric for the hanging banner system.

The installation of the stand took two days with sign off with the client on the day prior to the show.

BETT Show London Excel 2017


The client was incredibly happy with how the stand came out and was pleasantly surprised as to how similar it looked to the render that Identity produced. Very happy with the show items that were produced and the attention to detail when it came to the finishes and materials used on the plinths produced which were exactly as she envisaged them being.

Identity are very shortly about to head to the Euroshop show in Dusseldorf with Cisco Meraki with a new stand design and using some of the existing exhibition assets produced for BETT. Watch this space.

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