NIG at BIBA 2015


Following on from a successful stand in 2014, Bellman Media approached Identity for a second year running, to fabricate and manage the NIG stand at BIBA 2015.

For the past two years at BIBA, we have worked with Bellman Media, to maximise the presence of NIG at and around the Exhibition. The mere presence of any exhibitor is not enough. We also helped to deliver an impact from before the delegates arrived at the venue, at the start of the exhibition.

The event


BIBA is one of the most prestigious conferences in the insurance industry. This meant that it was essential for NIG's stand to convey their brand to maximum effect. Thanks to the combined expertise of Bellman Media and Identity, they were not disappointed.



Using the design created by Bellman Media, Identity bought this to life. With a 3m high acrylic curtain hanging from the ceiling, this had a dramatic effect with their presence at the show. With the use of touchscreen technology, this also increased footfall on to the stand and interaction with the delegates.


Pre show event

In addition to the exhibition stand, NIG hosted an event the night before the show at a prestigious venue. Identity were involved in the signage and branding of the party to help kick off the week in the right direction.


A warm welcome

To greet the delegates on the mornings of the show, we devised and delivered an on street pop-up juice bar. Once inside the venue, the strategic placing of the stand, which was just inside the front door, with a coffee bar, meant that NIG got a very strong exposure to the delegates’ attention.

We planned very carefully ahead of the event to ensure that the weather (not Manchester’s strong point!) wouldn’t derail the delivery of the Juice Bar, in the outside space. We also had to ensure that the bar itself was built to withstand the weather, but in the end, we were lucky not to have been caught out by the rain.


On Time and On Budget

Co-ordinating the various internal and external branding around the City, gave us some logistical challenges, but we are very proud to have handed over an on-time, on-budget package of events to our client, once again.

Following from 2015

2016 show

Following on from 2015, as the stand was so well received previously, Identity installed this again in 2016 with only some minor changes to the design. We also followed up with a different outside space unit, in the form of a giant iPad, to grab attention of passers-by. This year we were not so lucky with the weather, but had allowed for this when manufacturing. We also provided the signage and branding within a different venue, for the pre-event party.

Once again, 2016 proved a success and Identity look forward to working with Bellman Media and NIG in the future.