The Facilities Show, ExCeL


Following on from a successful event at The Facilities Show, last year at the ExCeL in London, Remeha booked a similar size stand space and location this year, calling upon Identity’s services once again.

The stand was designed based around their latest marketing campaign, in keeping with the ‘eco’ theme. A 3m diameter hanging banner was suspended from the ceiling, showing high up branding giving Remeha more of a presence within the hall.

Hanging Banner

The hanging banner framed a circular bar beneath, where coffee and soft drinks were being served. To the rear of the bar, a curved wall displayed client testimonials, which were mounted on clear acrylic and held in place with stand offs. These testimonials were then taken away by the client for a permanent install after the show, at their offices in Wokingham.

Exhibition stand design


Remeha placed large boilers at each corner of their stand, with information totems adjacent to each one, and two faux grass cut-in seating areas at either end. Their main products were then inset within the central curved wall and were highlighted with LED surrounds drawing focus to them.

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Client Feedback


Once again, Remeha were pleased with their stand and we look forward to working with them again in 2016.

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