Experiential Marketing

Andrex Washlets Roadshow

As part of the Andrex Washlets Clean Campaign, we were given an existing stand design and asked to build this in to a modular system, to take to 10 different shopping centres around the UK.

With only short overnight builds and complex elements to install (waterwall & touch screen), we had to ensure that the quality of the stand builds remained consistently high. We were to use fabrication methods, which accomodated sleek lines and curves to maintain a premium look and feel to reflect the product

Experiential Marketing

Careful planning essential

The tight time frame for set-up and dismantle meant that everything had to be carefully planned to adapt to the different venues, especially with access and logistics.

As well as the build of the stand, Maison were to manage all stock, keeping a stock record and liasing with the client throughout the campaign regarding quantities.

Experiential Marketing

Design and Specification

Technical drawings were created around the design provided, to ensure the stand was as modular as possible. This was then fabricated to be durable enough to be set-up and moved to the different locations.

All materials used were discussed in depth with the client and we made sure they complied with all different Health and Safety regulations given in each centre.

Experiential Marketing

Supporting the roadshow

A crew member was always on stand-by to address any issues whilst the campaign was running, and to replenish the stock daily. In between each location, the stock was stored at our premises and different quantities were sent out each week to suit each venue. After every show, we updated our stock figures and sent them to the client for their records.

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