BIBA Manchester

NIG Experiential activity

Identity played an integral part in the pre-event planning process, coming up with both experiential ideas and design concepts for activities to complement the NIG stands, undertaken at BIBA, Manchester.

At such a busy exhibition, the mere presence of any exhibitor is not enough and we helped deliver an impact, starting the day before the delegates arrived at the exhibition.

Pre-event Party

NIG hosted an event the night before the show started, at a prestigious venue, and Identity were involved in the branding and running of the party to help kick off the week in the right direction. On the night, guests were greeted by NIG branded representatives and directed to the Bar on the 7th floor.

Along the way we have branded various parts of the venue including the lift doors, the inside of the lift and the corridor leading to the party. Once inside, visitors were greeted with a fully NIG branded venue bar, games and live band.

To greet the delegates on the mornings of the show, we devised and delivered an on street pop-up juice bar. Once inside the venue, the strategic placing of the stand just inside the front door with a coffee bar and meant that NIG got a very strong exposure to the delegates’ attention.

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